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Embracing Chiropractic Biophysics

At Optimal Spine, we go beyond conventional methods by incorporating a specialized technique known as Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). Our dedicated chiropractors bring a unique expertise to CBP, utilizing cutting-edge techniques for optimal spine alignment and overall well-being. This approach is crafted not just for immediate comfort but for sustained relief and improved health. CBP transcends the usual short-term pain remedies by integrating precise chiropractic adjustments with spinal remodeling techniques and targeted exercises, aiming for comprehensive, long-lasting spinal health.

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Includes X-Rays if Medically Indicated.
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    CBP has over 270 published research articles, and growing. These articles demonstrate what is the ‘optimal spinal alignment’, what traction technique is best used in order to return the spine back to its optimal alignment, spinal analysis on Xrays and much more.

    Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) Advantages

    Chiropractic Biophysics distinguishes itself from traditional chiropractic care and general Western medicine through its evidence-based, systematic approach. This specialized technique is not only focused on symptom relief but also on structural correction for lasting health benefits. Here are the unique advantages that CBP offers:

    Proper Spinal Alignment

    Spinal Alignment

    Correct posture is at the core of the Chiropractic BioPhysics method of treatment. The curves in your spine act as levers, shock absorbers, and resistance to gravity; they also protect and reduce forces acting on the spinal cord and nerve tissues. But, gravity, age, poor posture, improper physical activity, injury, and disease can all play a role in the misalignment of your spinal curves and, as a result, your entire body.

    CBP Can Help Restore That Balance

    Following a scientific analysis of your posture and the curvature of your spine, a treatment plan is developed, based on your deficits, to restore proper alignment, relieve pain, and improve function.

    Your treatment plan may include a variety of tested and proven CBP techniques, including adjustment, exercise, and traction or what is termed ‘Spinal Remodeling’.

    Proper Spinal Alignment

    Restoring Your Health

    Your spine houses your nervous system – the most delicate and important organ system – responsible for your day to day bodily functions. From your immune, cardiovascular, and digestive system, to sexual function and mobility – your nerves are responsible for sending vital information and energy from the brain to your organs through your spine.

    Just as a kink in a garden hose can dramatically reduce the flow of water coming from the tap – a spine out of alignment dramatically reduces vital information going from your brain to vital organs. Thus, your organs are much more susceptible to malfunction and disease.

    It’s not just coincidence that people most with poor posture tend to lack energy and suffer from fatigue, experience random aches and pains, as well as suffer from headaches / migraines, allergies, ear infection, sleeping disorders, gastrointestinal issues (such as GERD), asthma, high blood pressure, etc.

    As a CBP patient, you will notice not only a dramatic decrease in pain in discomfort, but more importantly a sense of restored health and energy.