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Whether you’re seeking care due to pain or postural problems, or if you simply want to improve your overall health, Optimal Spine and Sport Dimension Wellness is here for you.

We are dedicated to optimising patient health and preventing the long term recurrence of pain.

Our practitioners integrate their expertise and work alongside each other in their various disciplines to achieve sustainable results. We use state of the art digital X-rays, digital spinal measuring equipment and computer systems to keep track of each patient’s unique requirements. Our integrated, holistic approach ensures you get better and stay better.

Your initial consultation with Optimal Spine & Sport Dimension Wellness Clinic is a rigorous and thorough investigation into the causes of any complaints. We then give our diagnosis and discuss a subsequent treatment plan in order to ensure clear patient understanding as well as the optimal resolution of symptoms.

Our policy is to provide gentle and effective care tailored to individual needs. Our treatments incorporate a variety of techniques including physiotherapy, muscular soft tissue work and postural corrective exercises in addition to specific injury rehabilitation.
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£77 (Normally up to £185).

Includes X-Rays if Medically Indicated.

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Our Specialities

Physical Therapy


Physiotherapy involves initial evaluation to identify the source of discomfort or dysfunction. Once evaluated, we will develop a custom treatment program which includes manual therapy and various in-home exercises.

Massage Therapy


Sports massage works by physically breaking down adhesions to relieve pain and restore normal movement. To do this, the massage therapist often uses direct deep pressure applied across the grain of the muscles.

Physical Therapy


Utilizing a combination of unique protocols, we will progressively help you regain motor and neuromuscular control, improve your mind-body coordination, increase range of motion and get you stronger more flexible.

Foot Orthotics


Your feet are the foundation for the normal balance and alignment of your body. Even the smallest structural problems in the feet can alter the way that you walk and cause many different problems.

Shockwave Therapy


Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment for localized musculoskeletal pain or tendon injuries. It is a relatively new treatment, proven to be highly effective – initially it was mainly used for sports injuries.

“Definitely Recommend”

The treatment and the overall service at the clinic is very professional, pleasant and friendly. I was really impressed about the skills of the doctor to diagnose my problem and to reduce my back pain instantly!

Ilze O.


All our Physiotherapist are registered with Bupa, Axa PPP and Vitality and all other major health care providers.

Companies requiring GP and Consultant Referral

Companies requiring a GP Referral

Open Access

Special Requirements

A Receipt is issued after each treatment or group of treatments so that the patient can claim directly. If Optimal Spine and Sport Dimension Wellness Clinic is claiming on your behalf we require your policy number, any case reference and confirmation of total number of treatments allocated prior to the first consultation.

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