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Jeff Lim

Doctor of Chiropractic


Jeff Lim is a Chiropractor at Optimal Spine and Sports Dimensions in Blackfriars, London. He completed his pre-chiropractic studies at International Medical University, Malaysia, in 2018 followed by his degree in chiropractic at AECC University College in 2022.
Jeff is a passionate sports enthusiast who finds joy in the world of basketball, volleyball, badminton, and workouts. His journey into the realm of chiropractic care was sparked by a basketball injury that left him in search of solutions for his physical discomfort. Jeff discovered the profound impact of spinal nervous system interference on proprioception and its potential to lead to injuries like sprained ankles. Eager to avoid prolonged pain and rehabilitation, he embraced regular chiropractic maintenance and experienced the transformative power of holistic healthcare.
In addition to his commitment to accessible chiropractic care and effective communication, Jeff places a strong emphasis on maintenance and wellness care. He firmly believes that proactive, ongoing chiropractic treatments can significantly benefit individuals’ overall health and wellbeing. By addressing spinal nervous system interference and promoting proper alignment, Jeff helps his patients maintain optimal function and prevent future issues. Furthermore, he understands the impact that modern lifestyles can have on our posture, particularly how sedentary desk jobs, prolonged screen time, and other daily habits can lead to poor posture, which, over time, can contribute to various health problems. Recognising this, Jeff dedicates himself to educating his patients about the importance of correct posture and provides guidance on exercises and lifestyle adjustments to help counteract the effects of modern life.

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