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Harrison Agombar

Doctor of Chiropractic


Harrison has always been fascinated in the human body and how improper biomechanics of the skeletal system can be the origin to an assortment of symptoms. His chiropractic career started when he had a role as a personal assistant to a Chiropractor in East London where he witnessed incredible results which he calls ‘Miracles’.

Harrison believes health is much more than just the absence of disease, he believes that health can be optimised through removing interference on the nervous system restoring optimal function.

From a young age Harrison has taken part in a variety of sports, such as badminton, martial arts and cross fit. Chiropractic care has not only given Harrison the ability to train and compete without recurring injuries but also enhanced his performance all round.

This gave Harrison the incentive to attain a degree in chiropractic which he is very passionate about. Now, he has the gratification of seeing outstanding results (“miracles”) in his own patients.

Spreading the word: It seems apparent to Harrison that among our community there is a huge lack of understanding of the nervous system and that if people had some guidance they would have much more knowledge on how to help with their own symptoms and performance.

This year Harrison is coming round to business’s in London educating on the effect poor office ergonomics has on the body and the importance of maintaining a healthy nervous system. Chiropractic isn’t just a career for Harrison, it’s a lifestyle.

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