Patients: our lawful basis of processing this data is one of contract – meaning that we need to process the data in order to fulfill our contract of providing healthcare services to you and, for the health information, the provision of health-related services. In addition, we will only examine or treat you with your explicit consent. Any correspondence we have with you that is considered outside of the contract is only done with your consent.

Employees: again, our lawful basis for processing your data is one of contract, you will find more information on this in your employee handbook.
Users of our website: we will only be able to identify you if you provide us with personal data when you contact us or book online, by volunteering this information you consent to it being processed. If you do not become a patient of ours, your information will be erased.
How do we use your information?

If you are a patient of ours, we use your information to fulfill the contract of us providing healthcare services to you. You can also opt in to receive occasional emails (approximately 4 a year), informing you of news or things we think will be of interest to you, for example: opening hours, promotions, health). Please note that you can opt out at any time by clicking unsubscribe. You can also opt in to having text/email appointment reminders. These are sent at 8 am and 7 pm the day before your appointment.

We also use cookies to improve our website in order to better serve you. You will find more information on cookies further on in this privacy policy.